Martial Arts Programs Available in Zeeland

Kids Classes

Focus, Discipline, Respect, Sportsmanship, Teamwork! New Heights offers many classes for Kids 3 years and older proven to help improve these aspects of your child's life. From traditional Taekwondo to KIDZ life skills classes. We have something for everyone!

Teens/ Adult Classes

Our Teen and Adult martial arts program is a practical approach to Taekwondo training, incorporating effective striking, kicking, and grappling techniques for practical real life self-defense and for martial arts competitions. Our comprehensive curriculum is a fun way to get in your daily exercise while learning practical self-defense!

Group Self Defense

Perfect for Corporate events, bachelorette parties, college students, and more! This is more than punching and kicking, learn about the reality of legal self-defense, how to avoid being the victim, how and when to fight back, and more. This program is by appointment only, contact us for full information. This program provides a safe and inclusive space for all participants.