Martial Arts Programs Available in Zeeland

Kids Classes

Focus, Discipline, Respect, Sportsmanship, Teamwork! New Heights offers many classes for Kids 3 years and older proven to help improve these aspects of your child's life. From traditional Kukkiwon (Korean national) Taekwondo to KIDZ life skills classes. We have something for everyone!

Teens/ Adult Classes

Our Teen and Adult martial arts program is a practical approach to Taekwondo training, incorporating effective striking, kicking, and grappling techniques for practical real-life self-defense. Our comprehensive curriculum is a fun way to get in your daily exercise while learning practical self-defense! This program incorporates Kombat Taekwondo sparring rules among others as a way to pressure test and ensure students are getting the highest quality training.

Group Self Defense

Perfect for Corporate events, bachelorette parties, college students, and more! This is more than punching and kicking, learn about the reality of legal self-defense, how to avoid being the victim, how and when to fight back, and more. This program is by appointment only, contact us for full information. This program provides a safe and inclusive space for all participants.